The Nateschwara Dancers

Ndc8The Nateschwara Dancers are a dance company formed from graduates of Nateschwara School of Performing Indian Arts of Vijaya Rao. The company was founded in 1993.

The Nateschwara Dancers stand out due to their authenticity, their professionalism and their deep passion for Indian classical dance. The Dance Company made a name for itself at home and abroad and is a class of its own in whole of Europe. The proficiency and striking stage presence of the Nateschwara dancers astonishes dance and music experts down to the present day.

Nateschwara Dance CompanyThe Nateschwara Dancers are the official dance troupe of the Nateschwara Theatre in Baden. Under the direction of Vijaya Rao the Company has given very successful performances in all of Switzerland, Germany, Norway and Austria. In the years 1993, 1995, 2006, 2008 and 2009 the Nateschwara Dancers performed in India and amongst others opened the famous Natya-Anjali dance festival of Chidambaram, performed at the prestigious Music Academy in Chennai and at the famous Chowdaiah Hall in Bangalore. The Indian public as well as the Indian press and broadcasting services enthusiastically received these presentations.

Every year the Nateschwara Dancers present programs of the classical Bharata Natyam repertoire and dance drama productions of Vijaya Rao. All members of the dance troupe take regular training and attend further studies in Indian dance, music and language at the Nateschwara School of Performing Indian Arts.