On the occasion of her 50th year as a performing artist Vijaya Rao presents the Ashta Nayaki Trilogy – ‘Sentiments’ : Love is an eternal phenomenon. Since the beginning of time it has moved all human beings on this earth psychically and physically. All are magically affected by it. The Indian mind has explored it scientifically on all levels, spiritual, mental and physical.

Ashta Nayaki – A portrayal of the eight mental states of a woman in love. The age-old Indian treaties describe eight sentiments of a woman in love: Ashta Nayaki. Most beautiful illustrations of Ashta Nayaki as per treaties can be found in South-Indian Padam, Jawali and Sanskrit compositions by Kshetragnya, Pattabhiramayya, Jayadeva, Annamacharya, Swathitirunal, etc.. The authors have visualized every type of Nayika (heroine) and composed songs in a fine setting for each one of them. The Ashta Nayaki are the sentiments that we come across in real life, in literature, in painting, in poetry, and in dance and drama. In different situations the woman expresses a particular emotion, sentiment and reaction. In Indian dance, the dancer is the devotee separated from her beloved (God). She expresses every mood of a woman who yearns for her lover.  

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; that word is: Love.”– Sophocles

Vijaya Rao Sentiments – Ashta Nayaki Trilogy Part 1 @ the Nateschwara Auditorium, Baden on 30.Nov.2019, from 19:30 hrs.

Pre-event Meal & Snacks: From 18:15 to 19:15 h, a small homemade vegetarian meal is available for CHF 20 per person. Also, available is a plate of Indian snacks for CHF 9.50. The Ticket Office opens at 18:30 h!

For ticket reservations, call us on +41 56 222 04 48 or contact us through our website.

2 thoughts on “Ashta Nayaki Trilogy – 30.Nov.2019”

    1. Guru Smt Vijaya Rao, vividly portrayed different emotions like coyness, joy, love, anger, jealous, disparity and the separation of women. The audience could easily visualise these emotions through the proper mix of her expressions in the choreography. Enjoyed the abhinaya very much leaving the imprints of every nayaki in the mind of spectators.

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