Dance week (July 17-23, 2016)


It was a prosperous week. Taking a step out of the house let me already divine how many flowers and animals could be found here in the surrounding. Inside the house, there are beautiful and contemplative spaces, honoured with blossoms and oil lamps that are shining all through night and day. It is calm and at the same time full of beauty and rhythm. The many flower bouquets and the crystals that come from this region are amazing.

During the dance week, I had many precious minutes, enjoying mystic telling, laughter, wonderful meals, stress relief, work, learning and being amazed. Some memories twinkle like bright stars; dancing the Ganesha Shloka or drinking chai in the sun while relaxing during classes. Like another bright star twinkles the visit of the Buddha statue nearby in the small forest, or watching the sad black and white movie. Even if it was a very sad one, it had a happy end and was full of beautiful songs. Very special moments were also the Ganesha puja, taking a bath in the light of the full moon, the meditation and the dance. To taste all this with my senses, awakes a rhythm inside of me and I am sure that each of these experience will enable me to dance a little better.

  • Theorie_Unterricht.jpg
    Theorie Unterricht
  • Bharata_Natyam_Masterkurs_Juli_2016.jpg
    Bharata Natyam Masterkurs Juli 2016
  • Teepause_Juli_2016.jpg
    Teepause Juli 2016
  • Facetten_von_Angst.jpg
    Facetten von Angst
  • Emotion_ausdrücken.jpg
    Emotion ausdrücken
  • Korrektur_der_Augenstellung.jpg
    Korrektur der Augenstellung