The Nateschwara Auditorium has been existence since 1997. It is an integral but independent part of Nateschwara School of Performing Indian Arts. The Nateschwara Auditorium is the first Auditorium for Indian stage art in Europe. Several times a year the Nateschwara Auditorium presents famous as well as unknown artists from India. Be it a classical music concert on E-Guitar or a traditional puppet show from Rajasthan, the Nateschwara Auditorium stresses rather on the quality of art instead of mainstream and popularity of the artist. It is the aim of the Nateschwara Auditorium to promote young talented artists on one hand, and on the other hand to offer renowned artists a suitable platform to reach their audience.

Rent the Auditorium

As an artist/ensemble

The Nateschwara Auditorium makes its stage and the entire infrastructure available for artists who fit in quality and thematically into the artistic orientation of the institution. If you are interested as an artist or as an ensemble to perform at the Nateschwara Auditorium, you may send us an inquiry. We will contact you and inform you about our conditions and available dates.

Click here for images of artists who have performed in the Nateschwara Auditroium.

A performance at the Nateschwara Auditorium offers many benefits to artists from outside:

  • Big core audience
  • Event announcement to over 1000 newsletter subscribers
  • Central and easily reachable location
  • Support in advertisement and communicating the event
  • Professional infrastructure

As a company/association/organization for Events

The Nateschwara Auditorium organises events for groups from 20 persons onwards. These events enjoy the setting of a private performance with possibilities of manifold variations.

The basic package includes:

  • A dance performance at one's own choice
  • Culinary tasting at one's choice

Dance Performance: Upon request, the dance event can also be supplemented or replaced by a cultural program. For more information about the selection options, please click here.

Catering & Food: The catering can be either an aperitif with typical Indian snacks or a traditional 3-course-menu. The catering can be customized according to your wishes.

Rent rooms for events, workshops etc

The Nateschwara Academy and the Nateschwara Auditorium offer different Premises of 460 sqm, which can be used for events, workshops, seminars and other exercise oriented courses. Contact or visit us without obligation and get information about the premises.

Large hall / theater hall

This large hall has a surface area of 180 sqm , of which approximately 120 sqm form a rectangular room. The hall features a high-class wooden floor; numerous radiators can regulate the room temperature. Generous windows, a high ceiling and several lighting facilities make this hall bright and pleasant.

The room can be transformed into a theater hall with a grandstand of up to 80 spectators. The stage measures at a maximum degree of utilisation 5x7 meters. The theatre comes with the regular infrastructure of a studio theatre with all the relevant audio equipment, spotlights and dance flooring.

The Small Hall

The small hall is accessible from the big hall, but also has a separate entrance. It measures approx. 60 sqm and the facilities are the same as in the big hall. The hall features a high ceiling, generous windows and a high quality wooden floor. The hall offers great scope for use, for concerts as well as for seminars or exercise oriented courses.

Other facilities

The Nateschwara Academy also has:

  • A kitchen with gas stove, mini oven and microwave (about 10 sqm )
  • A wardrobe with shower/washbasin, mirrors and coat rack (appr. 20 sqm)
  • Entrance area with wardrobe for jackets and shoes (about 30 sqm )