Bharata Natyam is one of the best known classical dance style of India and has a millennium old tradition. The dance has developed from ritual temple dance to a stage art.

The dance school is continuously open from Monday to Thursday. Beginners may start their class at any time. Generally all dance classes take place between 4 and 8 p.m. Depending on the type of course, timings before 4 p.m. are also possible. Appropriate clothing for the dance classes can be purchased at the Academy. 

Beginners Bharata Natyam Course

At Nateshwara, we teach Bharata Natyam to all age groups and people from all nationalities in German and English in the Cheyyur style of Bharata Natyam. The school offers Bharata Natyam dance classes for Beginners, both adults and children, looking to expand their knowledge of this art form as a serious dancer or as a hobby. This course leads up to the Ranga Pravesha or Arangetram (stage debut).

Abhinaya Course

Abhinaya or Nritya is an expressive dance technique where the emphasis is on the expression and body gestures. This course focuses on improving the Abhinaya in the dance.

The dancer can join this course during the basic course or after the Ranga Pravesha or Arangetram. This course is open to all students of Bharata Natyam irrespective of their style.

Advanced Bharata Natyam Course and Masters Certification in Bharata Natyam

The advance course builds on the beginners Bharata Natyam course. It focuses on the technique of choreography and elaboration of the repertoire, and hones the dancer’s skill as a performer. This course welcomes students from all traditions and other schools of Bharata Natyam.

Bharata Natyam Teacher's Certification Course

Vijaya Rao is passionate about spreading the knowledge handed down by her Gurus of the Cheyyur tradition of Bharata Natyam. With the intention of creating the next generation of torch bearers and teachers who can pass on this valuable craft, she has created the teacher certification course to train and certify teachers up to the level of Nattuvangam (accompaniment of dancers on stage).

For Adults and Children

course description : This recreational course consists of a weekly dance lesson and is aimed at (for)beginners. The number of weekly training sessions can be increased at any time. The beginner first learns different basic steps in this course and builds up body control. This is followed by dances in the order of a traditional Bharata Natyam repertoire.

target audience: The course is intended for those who enjoy dancing without any specific ambitions and who are looking for a varied hobby.

conditions: There are no special requirements.

course start :  At any time

duration : Unlimited, at least 3 months

Class days: Monday or Wednesday, optionally also Tuesday or Thursday

Costs : From 450.- per quarter (adults, 1x per week) ,  From 360.- per quarter (children up to 16, 1x per week)

For Adults and Children

course description : This course builds on previous knowledge and builds the Bharata Natyam repertoire. The educational background of the course participants is determined in a first class of grading. Depending on the level of education, lessons will continue accordingly.

target audience : The course appeals to dance enthusiasts who are no longer beginners and have advanced knowledge of classical Indian dance Bharata Natyam.

conditions : Course-interested people have already learned all the basic steps and  whole dance sequences.

course start : At any time

duration : Unlimited, at least 3 months

class days :  Monday or Wednesday, optionally also Tuesday or Thursday

costs :  From 450.- per quarter (adults, 1x per week), From 360.- per quarter (children up to 16, 1x per week)

course description : This training has the stage maturity as a goal and is an intensive course in classical Indian dance. It consists of several weekly dance lessons.(The student receives a Certificate at the end of the course). The course is completed with a certificate. The stage maturity gained gives the student an opportunity to perform both alone and as a member of the Nateschwara Dance Company. The training can be supplemented with a language and singing course. In this case, the course is completed with a diploma that identifies the student as a professionally trained dancer.

target audience : The course is aimed at (for)anyone who wants to have their learned dance repertoire certified and / or who would like to perform as a dancer or(want to do a teachers’s training in dance) want to do a dance teacher training.

conditions : There are no special requirements. Time flexibility is an advantage.

course start : At any time

duration : at least 4-5 years until the certificate / diploma, depending on the intensity and regularity of the course visit(student)

Class days : Tuesday or Thursday, optionally also Monday and Wednesday

costs : From 720.- per quarter

Course description : In this training, a second complete repertoire is learned and the Bharata Natyam general knowledge is deepened. The content of the training is based on the interest of the student and can be (redesigned as a teacher training course/program) transformed into a preparation for teacher training.

target audience : The course is aimed at dancers with stage qualifications who want to continue their dance lessons.

conditions : Students must be able to demonstrate basic education in Bharata Natyam. Time flexibility is an advantage.

course start : At any time

duration : Unlimited, at least 3 months

Class days : Tuesday or Thursday, optional Monday

costs : From 575.- per quarter

course description : The training as a dance teacher includes a further education in dance, the extension of the language skills and an intensive vocal studies. Pedagogical knowledge is imparted to the student through practical teaching experience.

target audience : The course is aimed at(for) anyone who wants to teach in Bharata Natyam and has completed the relevant basic and advanced training.

conditions : Students must have a sufficient repertoire in Bharata Natyam. The suitability (eligibility/fitness of the)for the Bharata Natyam teacher will be determined (during the)in a preparation time. Temporal flexibility is desired.

course start : At any time

duration : At least 24 months, depending on learning progress

Class days : Tuesday or Thursday

costs : According to the arrangement

Coming soon:

— The Art of Drama in Dance 
— Master Course
— Vocal Training for Bharata Natyam

Advatages of the Nateschwara Academy : Maximum learning progress through individual care, Small groups, Traditional way of teaching, Certified teaching staff, Pleasant classrooms to mention some. 

Intensive-block classes: In addition to the courses below, many of our regular students attend intensive-block classes for 1-2 weeks, often staying in Gurukul (staying with the teacher). These intensive courses are a boon to many of our long-distance students and local students as well, providing a focused environment to perfect the art form.

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