Preethi Mohan was born in a village called Bhavani in Tamil Nadu, India. Her desire to learn Bharata Natyam was awakened in her childhood. So she learned for 10 years Bharata Natyam under Smt. Muthu. However, her studies did not allow her to complete this training. After her marriage, she came to Switzerland in 2009. Her husband encouraged her to resume Bharata Natyam training and introduced her to Nateschwara.

Preethi Mohan

Preethi says, “I was surprised how this ancient, traditional Indian dance form is authentically cultivated here. The lessons were filled with students from different cultures. I knew that if I wanted to follow my passion for dancing then I had to do it here. The adavus (dance step combinations) were so different from what I had learned before. They were clean, clear and unique. It was a big challenge for me to revise what I learned earlier. The more I dove into this Cheyyur-style dance form, the more I understood the complex nuances of the art, and I understood that understanding would only come with the right teaching, guidance, help and support from the teacher. “

“The tremendous knowledge of my teacher Smt. Vijaya Rao, and her love and loyalty to the tradition, lift her far from the crowd. Through her commitment to this art form, she brings perfection in everything she teaches . This perfection is reflected in her Adavus-choreographies and Jathis (dance sessions), and in the Abhinaya (mimic drama). Her longtime student and co-teacher Rosmarie Weber actively supports us in our learning process. “

Vijaya Rao says: “Preethi is an art connoisseur and also a talented, charming and brilliant dancer. She is a scientist, a young mother and a devoted student, who admires every choreography and gives motivating feedback. She loves this divine art above all else. “