Dance is a pleasant way of recreation. Even if it’s physically demanding, it still refreshes my mind. I appreciate the combination of movement with the various emotional expressions (Abhinaya). In the lessons with my teacher Vijaya Rao, I learnt a lot about Indian mythology. She’s a perfectionist and through her training I become more perfect day by day.“

Ritika Chakraborty was born in the Indian capital Delhi and has lived in Switzerland since 2001. She’s always been a passionate dancer and for her family and acquaintances, she was known as ‘the dancer’. At the age of 8, she started her training in Bharata Natyam at the Natehschwara Academy with Vijaya Rao . In 2013, she successfully completed her undergraduate studies with a Ranga Pravesha (stage debut).

Ritika Chakraborty has a natural thirst for knowledge and she learns with great enthusiasm and joy. She is very talented and has great potential in the field of rhythm and facial expression. Her dance is graceful, charming and refreshing. Her teacher Vijaya Rao says: “In the coming years Ritika will be further developing her assets in Bharata Natyam and her ability to show subtle nuances of emotions will mature. Thus she will become an impressive artist and she will touch any spectator with her performance.

Ritika Chakraborty is a member of the Nateschwara Dance Company since 2013. She has participated in the production “Om Sharavanabhava” of Shri Pathagudi S. Ramaswamy. Besides her commitment to the dance troupe, she is continuing further studies at the Nateschwara Academy.